• come to mama: shaikoo hands free baby towel

    When my girls were babies, tub time was awesome: the squeaky toys, the sweet-smelling soap, and of course, all those bubbles. It was a blast…until, of course, it was time to get out. It wasn’t that my girls protested too much, but rather that I couldn’t quite get a handle on them (literally). Even more challenging was trying to open up a big bath towel and then transfer them out of the bath. I either had to lay them down on the floor (ouch!) or gamble with an unsafe spot (on top of the clothes hamper? No thank you!). Thanks to a newly invented mom product, this dilemma is no longer an issue at bathtime. Shaikoo is billed as a hands-free baby towel and it’s exactly just that. The towel works by fastening the Velcro tabs around your neck (almost like you’re wearing it) and then wrapping your baby snugly inside it (check out the demo here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59_ObyCQA2A). The generously-sized, soft cotton terry cloth towel features hand pockets that become a snugly hood for covering baby’s wet head without any fuss. And just like that, your baby is clean, dry and safely out of the tub. And you’ve got a dry shirt to boot.

    In a Nutshell: Getting baby out of the tub just got a whole lot easier, thanks to this cleverly designed bath towel. Shaikoo makes a great baby shower gift.

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