• time to go play: vtech kidizoom smartwatch

    When my husband was a kid, he liked to watch “Inspector Gadget.” He may have thought the adventures alone were cool, but personally, I think he was mesmerized by his watch, which could do just about everything under the sun. If ever we thought those kind of gadgets were a long way off, well, let’s just the say that the future is now. VTech’s Kidizoom Smartwatch is probably the hardest-working timepiece we’ve ever seen. Ever the multitasker, this wristwatch boasts a miniature camera for taking photos and making videos, four games to play on the go, and (our favorite) a voice recorder with five voice changing effects (bet Inspector Gadget would have loved that). Kids will love to dress up their pix with personalized picture frames, color filters and special distortion effects. I know I always look so much more vexing with devil horns sticking out of my head. Lucky for me, the screen size is modest at just under 1 1/2 inches. Oh, and of course, the Kidizoom Smartwatch tells time, too. Would you expect anything less?

    In a Nutshell: “Watch” how quickly this super-cool catapults to the top of every kid’s wish list. Time to get to the toy store and pick up one of these…stat!

    Smartwatch - blue


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