• time flies: maple landmark my activity clock

    “Tempus fugit,” my grandfather used to say. For those unschooled in Latin, the expression means time flies, with the implication that you’re having fun, of course. I wish I could say this is the case for my 6-year-old, but she’s already crying the boredom blues…and it’s only the second week of summer vacation! When I tell her we’re heading to the beach, she reminds me that we “did that already.” To the library? “I already have enough books.” (Not a phrase I could personally ever relate to.) Well, since this kid has her eye on the clock more than any summer-loving child every should, the least she could do is learn to tell time….and I don’t mean the digital way! Later this month, Maple Landmark is coming out with the most gorgeous time-telling tool we’ve seen in a long time. My Activity Clock is fashioned from sturdy hardwood and features 12 removable activity disks that are blank on the back, so you can write in a particular activity. If you’re struggling with getting your child to nap or use the potty, this clock puts the power in their little hands. By letting them set the pace, they can better understand when it’s that time. There’s also a calendar and a weather section, which will get kids in the groove for their preschool routine. Now if only this clock could limit the time spent watching Frozen for the millionth time, we’d be in heaven (sigh…)

    In a Nutshell: My Activity Clock makes the incomprehensible concept of telling time a bit more understandable. And it doesn’t need batteries.

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