• designer denim: peaceable kingdom jean tats

    How cool are your blue jeans? Probably not as hip as you’d like them to be (seriously, my mom jeans could use a makeover). If you happen to have some crafty tweens who are already crying the summertime blues, but are way past the Rainbow Loom craze, have we got a product for them (and you)! Peaceable Kingdom’s Jean Tats are a simple way to update your favorite pair of jeans without involving any tears, rips or dye jobs. Easy as pie, these tattoos don’t require any special tools or any hard-to-follow instructions either. Simply cut them out, remove the backing paper and place the tattoo face up on your jeans. Next rub the tattoo evenly with the included popsicle-type stick. Finally, carefully lift off the plastic and voila! Instant fashion update. Unlike real tattoos, these works of art don’t require a lifetime commitment; once you’re ready to move on to another design, just pop those pants in the laundry and they wash right off. Jean Tats come in a variety of different styles, like Peace & Love and (our favorite) Funny Faces. They’re bound to suit the most temperamental fashionista.

    In a Nutshell: Call ‘em pants with personality. When it comes to giving your jeans a facelift, this temporary tattoos are all the rage.


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