• all fired up: goliath games barbecue party

    Things are heating up in the Walnut house. Summer is in full swing, and the natives are getting a bit restless. (Swimming, library, playing with friends…you know, rough life.) We’d like to think boredom couldn’t possibly set in with another month of vacation, but then again, this is a tough crowd. Because all those sunny days can sometimes get a little too hot to handle, consider breaking with routine and moving the party indoors with a fun new board game. Goliath Games’ Barbecue Party is the perfect summertime game for your favorite preschool. The premise is simple–the winner is the first one to get all their food off the grill before it spills–but the reward is satisfying. Kids will love showing off their grilling skills, as they carefully remove each item based on the cards they drawn. Only a deft hand can get the job done without dropping a single thing (not even sure Dad can pull off that!). This is one party where no one goes home hungry. Barbecue Party is for ages 3-5.

    In a Nutshell: Take a break from Candy Land and feast on a game that’s perfect for summertime fun.

    Barbecue Party Left BoxBarbecue Party Pieces



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