• monkey see, monkey do: julius jr. toys and books

    My favorite thing about having young kids is witnessing their imaginations firsthand. My 6-year-old wishes she were a bunny, and sometimes draws her alter ego as herself. (I won’t get into her insatiable appetite for carrots and celery…let’s consider it a parenting perk.) If you happen to be blessed with a kid with a penchant for pretend play, then surely you must know Julius Jr., the preschool sensation with his own Nick Jr. TV series. This little monkey has the knack for turning the ordinary into the extraordinary, including a basic cardboard box that turns into a wonderland of magic and fun. Bringing Julius and his gang’s excitement over to playtime is a complete line of toys and books. Fisher-Price has already launched a number of Julius-themed playsets and figures, including the Rock’n Playhouse Box, Sortin’ Sagebrush Farm and Twirl-a-World Amusement Park (where the rides are always open, and there aren’t any height requirements!). Additional products will roll out this fall. Random House books range from coloring books to early readers, with plenty of opportunities for creative and curious kids. Monkeys, too.

    In a Nutshell: Julius Jr. fans will surely go bananas for a brand-new line of toys and books due out this fall.

    Hit Preschool Series Julius Jr. Launches All-New Fisher-Price Toy LineHit Preschool Series Julius Jr. Launches All-New Fisher-Price Toy Line

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