• When my younger daughter was a toddler, she loved eating a bowl of soup…but the soup didn’t always love her. She’d scoop up a spoonful of hearty noodles, shovel it into her mouth and scream bloody murder because it was “tooooo HOTTT!!!” No matter how long I kept vigil over the stovetop, I could never get that temperature just right (even the ever-fickle microwave couldn’t quite master temperature effectiveness). It seemed I was doomed for a life of servitude: forever blowing and waving frantically over piping hot bowls…until my mother casually suggested tossing in a ice cube, and that was that (moms do know everything, don’t they?). But because ice cubes don’t work on solid foods, what’s a perplexed parent to do? Enter the Coolit, a novel idea in food preparation for particular kids. Simply pop this BPA-free plate into the freezer before mealtime (allow for enough time: about 3 hours). When you’re ready to eat, transfer your child’s hot food into the Coolit, then on to her favorite plate and voila! Dinner is served and ready to eat. No more blowing or burned mouths to contend with. Who knows? Your kid may even eat her veggies now…

    In a Nutshell: A feeding dish that makes meals not too hot, not too cold, but just right. Even Goldilocks would approve.




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