• A friend just took her first cross-country trip with her baby daughter…and boy, were her arms tired! No, this isn’t a classic joke set-up, but rather a comment on the reality of today’s parents having to lug too way too much stuff with them. Being on-the-go may sound carefree, but if you’re adding a baby to that equation, traveling is anything but easy-breezy! If you’ve got a family trip on the books this summer, it pays to do a little advance planning to figure out what you’ll need and when you’ll need it, so you can pack easily and have everything within your reach. For that reason, we love the lil’ traveler line from Miamica. This designer has found a way to streamline the travel experience by creating pretty, yet practical accessories for each of your baby’s needs, from dressing to feeding. Always misplacing your baby’s hair clips? Lil’ Bows on the Go keeps clips and bows contained in a zippered bag, with a separate, see-through pouch for those easy-to-lose items. The TSA-friendly Plane to See bottle bag will get you thorough security without incident, and is well-stocked for any transatlantic flight. We adore the Lil’ Wet Suit bag that permits a last swim in the hotel pool right up until you have to head to the airport, and doesn’t take up much room in your carry-on. Sure, traveling with a little one can be challenging, but if you’re armed with a good sense of humor and packed gear that’s well-thought out, you’re good to go.

    In a Nutshell: Take the pain out of packing (how much can you fit in one suitcase?) by parceling out your baby’s necessities via this travel-friendly accessories line.

    Lil' Bows on the Go OPENLil' Wet Suit - blue


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