• mini mani: worx toys bo-po nail polish

    Ah, the 1980s…the big hair, the acid-washed jeans, the legwarmers. If you grew up in this era, you’ll recall these signs of the time fondly…or wonder why the fashion police weren’t out to get you. I remember trying to make like Jennifer Beals and “flash-dancing” my beloved sweatshirt by chopping off the sleeves. Funny that I never looked as cool as she did (sigh…). One 80s trend that’s making a comeback is Bo-Po nail polish from Worx Toys. Maybe you tried it out at a friend’s sleepover or coveted a bottle of your own? It’s that Brush On, Peel Off (hence the name) polish that made application and removal a snap. Now it’s back for a new generation of mini make-up mavens, and with a bunch of new color names like OMG and Razzmatazz. Personally, we think Bo-Po Day Camp will be a big hit this summer. Here’s to air-drying those mani/pedis!

    In a Nutshell: Take a step back in time with the return of peel-off nail polish that goes on fast and comes off without any fuss or muss.

    10 Bottles Front


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