• Juggling two kids’ schedules competes for my attention every day. As a mom who’s been working from home for the past decade, I’ve become a master at time management and, on most days, feel like I have a pretty good handle on things. Even though my girls’ lives are undeniably busier than mine was at their ages, their schedules are predictable for the most part. But for moms of little ones, trying to get a baby to nap on queue, or take a bottle when they’re good and ready, is easier said than done. Aiming to make new parents’ a little less overwhelming comes Baby Bundle, a brand-new mobile app designed to simplify your baby’s everyday routine at the swipe of a finger. Monitoring Tools let you record and manage your baby’s sleeping, feeding, diaper-changing and even your breast-pumping activities. Super-techie, on-the-ball parents can even export the data to share with their pediatricians at monthly visits. Wonder how Junior is measuring up to his baby cousin in Denver? Just consult the Growth Tracker where you can record height, weight and other vitals while comparing to national averages. (Right up there for sports dads checking game stats!). Or, get your geek on by linking your doctor appointments to your calendar, while learning what you can expect at each check-up. Of course, no baby development app would be complete with a photo journal–aptly named Stream of Life–that lets you organize pix, note milestones and create journal entries to share with family and friends. Or just to moon over when you look back at how fast that first year went (sigh)…

    In a Nutshell: This is one baby app that will help you feel you’re more in control of your life. The sweetest part.




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