• unwired weekend: national day of unplugging

    Ever try to have a conversation with someone who’s more interested in their phone than you? Yup, we know the feeling–and it’s not a good one. Like so many families, we live busy lives and it seems our work often spills over into our personal time, making it difficult to disconnect. And hey, even if you admit to stealing a look at Facebook while standing on a long line at the post office with the kiddos, you’re in good company. But wouldn’t it be great if every now and then, we could prove to ourselves that yes, we can live with our iPhone, that we won’t stop breathing if we go without checking our Twitter feed every 10 minutes? To help fight that cause and spread that message of good will, we’re supporting Reboot‘s Fifth Annual National Day of Unplugging. Beginning at sundown today, March 7th, until sundown tomorrow, March 8th, we’re all being urged to power down our PCs, shut down our smartphones and reconnect with our families and loved ones in real time. We’re committing ourselves to the cause. (We may be a bit camera-shy, so our resident kitty and office mate is helping us out.)

    Peanut Unplugged March 2014

    The virtual world can wait one whole day, and imagine in a mere 24 hours, all the wonderful memories you can make…simply by being present. Good luck, and stay strong!

    In a Nutshell: Step away from the smartphone, and support the National Day of Unplugging by just saying “no” or, at the very least, “see you later” to technology.

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