• the nose knows: mamascent bottle attachment

    Moms always say how much they love the smell of their new baby; there’s something about that all-natural scent that prompts us to bury our noses in their skin and hair, and drink them up! But did you ever think about how a baby may recognize his own mother’s special smell and love it nearly as much, if not more? A new product that has just started hitting stores is tapping into this very notion, and may very well be revolutionizing the way to feed babies who alternate between bottle and breast. Mamascent is a bottle-feeding pad designed to fit inside a bra cup. After wearing one for about 2-3 hours, simply detach the pad’s five petals and store them in the included container until needed. Then, when your baby is ready to feed, just attach one of the petals on to the Mamascent clip and affix to your baby’s bottle. So, whether it’s Mom, Dad, Grandma or a babysitter, your baby may put up less of a fuss because she’s comforted by the scent of her mother. Mamascent is a great solution not only for a new mom who may be returning to work and is concerned that her baby won’t take a bottle from someone else, but for any baby who is transitioning from breast to bottle. Because our sense of smell is so powerful, this product zeroes in on a key element of nurturing, enabling babies to continue to feel the warmth and security of their mother, while letting them experience close bonding with another caregiver. And that’s something any new mom can appreciate.

    In a Nutshell: Sure, nothing can ever replace a mother’s love, but this product helps bridge the gap between breast and bottle to ensure a comforting feeding experience.

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