• slumber soundtrack: goodnight songs by margaret wise brown

    When both of my girls were younger, Goodnight Moon was our go-to read. No matter whether they’d been angels all day, or if my nerves were frazzled by nightfall, this classic bedtime tale was a constant in our home, one whose repetitious verse and soothing imagery offered them as much comfort as it did me. So naturally, when we were given the opportunity to review the latest Margaret Wise Brown treasury, we jumped at the chance, and when we found out the origin of its publication, it made the experience all the more special. Goodnight Songs is a collection of previously unpublished lullabies, unearthed by a children’s book editor and fellow fan. Presented in an engaging format that includes a musical CD, each lullaby is replete with gentle lyrics and lush imagery awash in muted watercolors that seek to send listeners/readers off to Dreamland. Among our favorites are “Sleep like a Rabbit,” “Sounds in the Night” and “The Mouse’s Prayer,” each offering their own tribute to bedtime that makes going to sleep less of a chore (and reading that same story over and over, less of a snore). And for that alone, any parent will be grateful.

    In a Nutshell: A welcome addition to any young child’s bookshelf, this treasure trove of lullabies offers plenty of reasons for snuggling, and ensures a good night’s sleep for all.

    Goodnight Songs cover


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