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    Happy Valentine’s Day! There’s so much love in our house today, I can hardly stand it! And that’s just from my kids (wink, wink). Maybe some of that warmth can help melt the 14 some-odd inches of snow just outside our doors. Can you guess what we’ll be doing over winter break? (Hint: the answer isn’t shoveling…). Well, if the weather continues to remain frightful and the kiddies have had their fill of sledding, snowman-building and the like, it never hurts to hunker down and tune into a new show. Lucky for us, PBS Kids is airing an entire new week of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood starting on Monday. Dubbed “Daniel’s Big Feelings Week”, each episode will tackle a different emotion–like frustration and jealousy–and help Daniel and viewers work through them together. My girls love Daniel for different reasons: my 9-year-old thinks it’s funny to see what bothers little kids (now that she has perspective, wise old woman that she is), while my 5-year-old has a thing for talking animals. No matter their reasons for watching, overall messages of kindness and empathy are subtly woven into the story lines, which make an impact no matter how old you are. Personally, I think the “Line Leader Daniel” episode will really hit home in our house, as both my girls have coveted this special classroom role and know how important it made them feel. A great excuse to extend this feeling of being appreciated beyond February 14th.

    In a Nutshell: A beloved kids’ TV series expands its storylines with a brand new week of episodes…just in time for winter break.

    Daniel Tiger Frustration at SchoolDaniel Feels Left Out

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