• coaxing him out of his man cave: warner bros. batman pjs, bra

    Valentine’s Day is almost here; did you stock up on a candy and flowers yet? Sure, it’s a day to show your family how much you love them, and that doesn’t just mean heart-shaped pancakes for the kiddies. (Don’t forget how they got here in the first place!). If you want to remember your favorite guy or gal this Friday, you can bring out their inner geek with some fun novelty items brought to you by Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC Comics. Give his old sweatpants a much-needed break with a pair of DC Comics Batman Men’s PJ Pants. Hip enough to wear in the man cave. Of course, you’ll eventually want to lure him away from the Xbox, and what better way to do that than with a little something special that speaks his language? The DC Comics Batman Lace Bra may just earn you the points you need for a happy Valentine’s Day after all. Now, go practice your best come-hither look…and don’t forget to book a sitter.

    In a Nutshell: V-Day calls for sugar, spice…and a good sense of humor never hurts. Now you can get your geek on with his & her Batman attire to warm your sweetie’s heart.

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