• feeling the love: the maya group emoji icons

    Do you wear your heart on your sleeve? I sincerely hope not — that would hurt!! Silliness aside, you’d be hard-pressed to find a tween today who doesn’t know her emoticon vocab. And if you’re super-cool, you’re also familiar with Emoji, a series of  texting symbols courtesy of our Japanese friends. No matter where you roam, we think the new Emoji Icons line from The Maya Group will know just how to speak your language. These collectible accessories let kids express themselves in a way that’s instantly understandable, without saying a word. With Emoji Bands, you can arrange the icons on a bracelet and let the world know how you’re feeling. Change of mood? No worries, simply change your message. With over 80 icons, you can make yourself known clearly, even if you’re not sure of your own thoughts! And when you’re on the go, your Emoji Cell Phone Case can tell a story even if you’re in the midst of an important call (snow day tomorrow? No way!). This d.i.y. kit comes with 12 icons to decorate your iPhone or Galaxy S3 phone cover or trade them with friends. Now you’ll never have to just call to say “I love you”…

    In a Nutshell: Speak volumes without saying a word. With this Emoji-themed accessories line, kids can communicate in style.



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