• she blinded me with science: robot girl lottie

    When I was a kid, I chopped off my Barbie doll’s hair and gave her a bob. I figured she’d need a sensible hairdo if she’d be blasting off into space. That may sound like the makings of a future scientist, but alas, I became a writer. I still like the fact that I was able to transform my doll into something that was more my speed: a thinking hot chick rather than a fashion doll who aspired to nothing more than acquiring 100 pairs of heels. Sure today’s Barbies have morphed into career girls and the like, but I still can’t relate to their kitten heels and tiny waistlines (and neither can my girls). Lucky for today’s kids, British-based Lottie Dolls have made their way across the pond and the timing couldn’t have been better. Our favorite happens to be Robot Girl Lottie, a bespectacled doll whose background story centers around entering her school science fair. In the hopes of creating a robot to help out with her chores (what kid can relate to passing the buck when it comes to cleaning her room?), she sets out to build her better half using recycled household objects. There’s even a separate Busy Lizzie the Robot Accessory Set where ambitious scientists can assemble Lottie’s pet project, complete with interchangeable parts, including her shoes. We love Lottie’s comfy, yet casual chic get-up, especially that atomic model hoodie. But all clothes talk aside, it’s Lottie’s story that sets the stage for more dramatic play than a mock fashion show could ever muster up. And for that, we are grateful.

    In a Nutshell: Finally, a doll that shows impressionable girls that beauty and brains go great together.

    LT031 Robot Girl Lottie Doll 1_LR (2)LT034 Busy Lizzie Robot Acc Set 1_LR (2)


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