• dreaming of a green xmas: elf magic surf’s up, sea breeze

    Our first day of snow this season, and I’m already sick of the white stuff. OK, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration (it does make all the outdoor Christmas decorations more picturesque). But the freezing temps and slippery travels that go along with it? Yeah, I’d be happy to skip all that. Because we can’t exactly fast-forward to spring (heck, it’s not even technically winter yet!), we can fantasize about hopping a plane and flying far, far away to a remote tropical island, “a land where palm trees sway,” as a favorite Christmas song of ours goes. Once you’ve gotten your head out of the clouds and your feet are back on snowy ground, consider getting creative with your decorations to make all this cold weather a bit more bearable. We like to add a little greenery to our existing bowls of sea shells, while glass containers filled with sea glass get the royal treatment with ornaments of silver and gold. And don’t go thinking that those jolly little friends from Santa’s Workshop don’t appreciate a little R&R themselves, especially after slaving away building toys all day long. To add a touch of whimsy to your merrymaking, might we suggest Elf Magic’s Surf’s Up and Sea Breeze figures? Surf’s Up is the embodiment of an elf whose on permanent vacation; we don’t know what we love more: his fetching swim trunks or his fashionable slip flops (guess those won’t hold up well in the snow). Also bound for the beach is Sea Breeze, an adorable Elfit complete with cover-up and beach bag for collecting seaside treasures. Sure, we may not have coastal Christmas for real, but with these playful decorations atop the mantle, a warm and suny day is just a Christmas wish away.

    In a Nutshell: Let your elf come down off the shelf and get away from it all. With these coastal decorations, every day can be Christmas at the beach.



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