• wet bar, kiddie-style: tubbly table toys

    My 5-year-old still loves playing in the tub, but I must admit that I tire quickly of mopping up the soapy aftermath. Her latest “trick” is floating miniature bunnies on a foam board and having each one “dive” off into the sudsy depths below. Fun for her, not so much fun for my ever-expanding laundry pile. When we found out about a new toy that balances playtime in the bath without compromising mom’s sanity (too much), we were all over it like a dirty kid on soap. The Tubby Table is the ingenious invention of two moms who’ve ‘been there, done that.’ It’s a colorful tabletop surface that attaches to the bottom of your tub via suction cups, keeping it safe and secure in one designated spot. Five removable cups (in different shapes and colors) feature numbered bottoms that kids can mix up and fill up for impromptu tea parties, soapy soups or mini pools for rubber ducks…or bunnies.

    In a Nutshell: Take back your bathroom with a specially designed toy that keeps the action in the water, and the water in tub–where it belongs.



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    1. stephanie schlosser

      Hi, my daughter had the chance to play with this toy for the photo shoot. She loved it. Its a great idea to keep them having fun in the bath tub, with the water in the tub.

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