• holiday helpers: omega juicer, zeroll ice cream scooper

    Happy first weekend in November. Have you scarfed down all that Halloween candy yet, or at least put it out of plain sight? As the countdown to Thanksgiving begins, we’re trying to be a bit more…er, healthy and so that means making smarter choices in what we put in our tummies. And that’s the perfect excuse for updating your kitchen gadgets or dropping a few hints what you might appreciate under the tree this December. Because my 5-year-old has been on a smoothie kick lately (I wish I could take credit for this, but I think it’s because of Healthy Snack Fridays at school), we can truly appreciate a juicer that gets the job done and looks pretty on the kitchen counter. The Omega NC900 packs a mean punch, with five settings for better juicing and a large hopper that can fit bigger pieces of fruit and veggies. (If you’ve got a kid who’s requested watermelon chunks and pineapple wedges in her concoction, you’ll surely put this feature to good use.) And because we can’t be good all of the time, you can get your sugar fix this weekend without getting too frustrated. Zeroll Ice Cream Scoops have mastered the unthinkable: getting a scoopful out of a brand-new container with minimal effort. The magic lies in the special cast aluminum, fluid-filled handle that enables heat to transfer from your hand to the scoop, helping warm the liquid and defrosting the ice cream. Now that’s hot…or is it cool?

    In a Nutshell: Get ready for a season-long celebration of eating and drinking with new kitchen gadgets that give you more time to make merry.

    Omega NC900 (2)Zeroll_HappyHoliday_wBox (2)

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