• hats off to comfort food: spud spikes; ruum kids’ clothes

    My daughter’s bus driver just told me it’s supposed to snow on Sunday. Already? I was just admiring the still-ripe roses and their unseasonal bloom on our garden trellis. We’ve been so spoiled by the mild fall here in the Northeast, that it’s hard to believe it’s nearly December. Since so many of you will be sitting down to Thanksgiving leftovers in the coming week, we thought we’d share a useful product idea to make your oven accident-proof. Spud Spikes are a cooking nail that, when inserted into a pre-cooked potato, prevent blow-outs and allow for even cooking. The result is a tasty side dish, and less clean-up. We think they’re more effective than jabbing a fork into your pretty potato skin over and over….And since the weather is cooling down, it’s time to “convince” your kid that it’s time for a winter hat. You may have drilled it into his head that much of your body heat is lost through your head, but it doesn’t mean he’s going to give in for just any old hat! We love the new Fairisle Brim Hat from RUUM American Kid’s Wear. It’s a stylish, yet smart choice that gives kids plenty of coverage without skimping on the cool factor. RUUM has plenty of new winter weather accessories this season. Check out the RUUM newsletter so you can see the full line.

    In a Nutshell: It’s getting cold outside. Warm up with some tasty ‘tatoes and later, head out with some cool-weather head gear.

    Spud_Spikes_Inserted_3x2fairisle brim hat 2 (2)


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