• dynamic duo: pbs kids peg + cat

    What do you get when you cross a precocious preschooler with a singing kitty sidekick? The makings of a hit kids’ TV show that will have your resident kiddie learning about math, music and even outer space in one sitting. We had a chance to check out Peg + Cat,  the new PBS Kids animated series about an adorable young girl and her cat who find themselves caught up in adventures that are anything but everyday, and applying their new-found knowledge to problem-solve their way out of any jam. In the first episode, Peg and Cat journey to outer space where, despite gravity, they must think on their feet. Before long, they are counting by 10s, and even up to 100, made easy by clever, catchy little ditties (“100 is one-zero-zero”) with lots of repetition. Each episode moves at a good clip (great for short attention spans), without making them digest too much info at once. My kids’ favorite part, of course, was the silly tidbits tucked into each episode, like Peg imagining 100 chickens in her bathroom! Somehow, these writers know how to tap right into a 5-year-old’s sense of humor. Just remember to call up those moments when you’re defusing a tantrum…Peg + Cat airs daily on PBS Kids; check for local listings.

    In a Nutshell: Looking for a new show to satisfy your favorite preschooler’s craving for engaging entertainment? As Peg would say, “Problem solved.”



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