• color their world: crayola halloween costumes

    3-4T Crayon BlueWhen I was in elementary school, my older sister designed my Halloween costumes. One year, I was a Rubik’s Cube, another a stick of gum and still another a ladybug. All she needed was a cardboard box, some poster paper and a few other art supplies, and she managed to turn the mundane into the extraordinary. The year I wound a prize for best costume, I masqueraded as a yellow crayon, complete with cone-shaped hat. I wish I had a picture to post, but trust me when I say it was quite creative. If you don’t consider yourself handy with a glue gun or aren’t a seasoned seamstress, you may find yourself resorting to store-bought costumes. Easing your guilty conscience is a new line of Crayola costumes for the entire family. Not only are they economical (under $35 for adult costumes and under $25 for kid ensembles), but each style has a bit of personality and flair: the curvy bodice for girls and women (who wants to go to a costume party when you can hardly move?) and sparkly extras that add just the right touch for a trendy teen. There’s a size and style for all, from preschoolers, to papas and everyone in between. Sounds like the makings of a colorful Halloween!

    In a Nutshell: For fun Halloween costume ideas, think out of the box…the crayon box, that is. A style that works for everyone in your household, including the dog!

    Tween Crayon Tank Bubble GumTeen Crayon Tank B'dazzled Blue 2



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