• baby it’s cool outside: bling 2 o snow bl-ing hat

    Does your kid hate to wear a hat? Once the weather turns cold, there’s no debating it in my house. After learning how much body heat escapes from an uncovered head during the winter months, I laid down the law on that one. While finding an appropriate hat for my kids used to be fun (bunny ears, anyone?), it’s now turned into just another battle of wills. Well we may just have solved this year’s  problem, thanks to an ultra-cool style that even the hippest kid can’t deny. Bling 2 o’s Snow BL-ing Hat takes your basic ski hat and steps it up a notch with embroidered goggles adorned with rhinestones. It completes the effortless, pulled-together look for your favorite ski bunny. So whether she’s heading down the slopes or just trying to stay warm at the bus stop, she’ll be stylin’ with the best of them.

    In a Nutshell: Don’t lose your hat over a squabble about dressing for the weather. With this fashionable winter weather accessory, there won’t be any arguments about what to wear.

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