• she’s got a ticket to ride: prince lionheart yomoto wheel of power

    Yesterday’s weather was perfect: sunny and in the 60s, with just a hint of fall in the air. After a rather buggy summer, my 5-year-old was happy to finally be back outside where she could play undisturbed by those pesky critters. So we took out her trike and she happily pedaled back and forth, and even giving her stuffed panda Bamboo a ride. As I watched her attempt to maneuver herself through various twists and turns on her path, I realized that the days of ride-ons were pretty much behind us now. Even though she is almost too big to fit inside her convertible coupe, she still likes to cruise around the backyard, her knees bumping against the dashboard much to her (odd) delight. Well, if my now-kindergartener could go back in time, I’ve no doubt she’d have a grand old time aboard the soon-to-be-released yoMOTO Wheel of Power. One of the more stylish ride-ons we’ve seen in our day, this luxury vehicle (if every there was one for kiddos) sports solid, sturdy wheels;  your choice of either red or blue detailing; and is topped off with either an American or Prince Lionheart flag that cheerfully announces “Make way for the driver!” Of course, we love the fact that it doesn’t run on batteries, but rather is powered by imagination–strong leg muscles don’t hurt either. In stores this October, the yoMOTO Wheel of Power has all the makings of a perfect gift under the tree this Christmas. On your marks…

    In a Nutshell: Put your kid in the driver’s seat with a stylish ride-on that’s bound to take them places.

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