• poop there it isn’t: tommee tippee 360 o diaper disposal system

    How do you know you’ve just entered the home where a baby lives? The unmistakable smell of dirty diapers. That truly never occurred to me until the day my kids were fully potty-trained, and that all-too-familiar scent had finally left the air. Even the finest air fresheners could never rid that lingering odor, and diaper pails that claimed to trap that poop smell did a semi-decent job…until it was time to empty them. Well, we may have found a diaper disposal system that makes good on its word. tommee tippee 360 o sealer takes the stop, drop and close drill one step further; after you deposit the dirty diaper in the top, simply turn the dial to seal the deal, so to speak. (If your nursery is anything like mine was, you are often shoving the diaper into an already-loaded up pail…and who has a free hand to hold their nose?) By sealing each diaper as they enter the pail, the scent gets trapped, so you don’t have to re-experience any earlier…”deliveries.” While the 360 o pail can hold up to 30 diapers, each refill can hold up to 100 diapers. This definitely one diaper disposal system that’s taking care of business. The 360 o is available at BabiesRUs.com.

    In a Nutshell: A diaper pail that gets traps odor and keeps it under wraps. Your nose will thank you.






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