• interactive displays: arlo’s artrageous adventure!

    My 5-year-old was so happy to have art class on her first day of kindergarten. She spends quite a bit of time drawing detailed pictures, and I can never seem to find her without a crayon or marker in hand. While I’ve yet to take her to an art museum, I suspect we’ll be spending quite some time navigating the halls of MOMA and the Guggenheim…someday. Until then, we’re relishing Arlo’s ARTrageous Adventure!, a story of what happens when a young boy spends the day in art museum and it turns out to be a rather lively show. His grandmother attempts to school him on the seriousness of art, but he soon learns that looks (and life) is not always what it seems. As readers turn the pages and step through the museum along with Arlo, they come across paintings and sculptures that appear to come to life,  thanks to a series of inviting flaps. A stone-faced lion statue guarding the front entrance immediately changes his expression as Arlo hurries past. Aged oil paintings of assorted historic figures become contemporary scenes of domesticity, while modern sculptures adopt silly poses. A much-needed poke at modern-day parenting so focused on the value of education over entertainment, this delightful story has plenty of hidden surprises–and not only for kids.

    In a Nutshell: Life imitates art–or is it the other way around?–in this interactive book that begs kids to ‘please do touch!’

    Arlo cover

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