• i can see clearly now: enyack organic glasses

    The weekend is upon us, and that means I’ll have more time to read uninterrupted…as if! With a break from the frenetic routine of getting kids off to school, shuttling them to activities, tackling homework, dinner, bath and bed, I make a point of squeezing in some reading before heading off to Dreamland. Because I’m already a full-time bespectacled gal, I don’t need to seek out a pair of reading glasses. But since plenty of friends have been donning a pair during book group, I know that stylish specs are just as important as a fetching pair of shoes (or so I’ve been told). If you’re someone who likes to make more environmentally-friendly purchases, then we’ve found the glasses line for you. Eynack‘s line of glasses are made from organic sustainable bamboo, making them a practical purchase that’s also economical. Because bamboo is known for its sturdiness and durability, these glasses are better designed for wear and tear, and will stand up to long-term use (or should we say “abuse?”). We love the variety of colors and styles that make finding an individual pair a cinch. Figuring out which book to dive into? That’s a whole other matter…

    In a Nutshell: Moms and dads looking for reading specs or sunglasses will be able to see things clearly, thanks to this new line of organic glasses that not only make you look smart, but act smart.



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