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    Who doesn’t remember the first Beatles song they ever heard? For me, it was “Octopus’s Garden.” While I don’t recall exactly how old I was, it was pre-MTV music videos and the visuals in my head stimulated my imagination much like a picture book might. For my daughters, both girls learned “Yellow Submarine” in their preschool days. A perfect singalong, this tune’s repetitious verse and rhythm is perfectly paced for the untrained listening ear whose just getting the hang of following instructions and paying attention. So naturally, we weren’t surprised when Caspar Babypants decided to pay tribute to these living legends with his own musical love letter. Baby Beatles marks the seventh album for this alt-rocker-turned-kid-rock-musician whose own experience as a Beatles worshipper dates back to his toddler days. The vocalist for The President of the United States of America puts his own personal stamp on beloved Beatles classics, many of which easily translate into ideal kiddie tunes. “Here Comes the Sun” leads the pack as a gentle rendition to get kids accustomed to this unique sound. As is true in his earlier releases, Babypants has a knack for putting his own personal stamp on each song, so that by the time we get to “Ob La Di Ob La Da,” kids will be signing right along with them, as though they too were born to rock. Diehard fans will appreciate Babypants‘ choice to include some lesser-known favorites, including “Anytime at All” and “I’m Only Sleeping.” In our opinion, “All You Need is Love” should be considered the album’s signature song. Because, for the adult Beatles listener looking to introduce his own kids to this timeless sound, all he needs is Babypants.

    In a Nutshell: The Beatles fan base is destined to grow even bigger, with this updated compilation for a new generation. We think Sir Paul would approve.

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