• When my younger daughter was in diapers, my legs got quite a workout. I was forever forgetting to bring an extra pack of diapers downstairs, and so made many a mad dash up to her room to grab a fresh diaper, wipes and other necessities. When I finally got my act together, I put together a small wicker basket filled with supplies. As tasteful as it was, this basket wasn’t entirely practical. I sometimes tripped over it when it was in the middle of the floor, and it never looked right in the middle of the dining room table. Now, if the Windel had been around when I was a new mom, my home might have looked a lot less cluttered, and I might not have stubbed my toe so often. This wooden wall accessory may look like a picture frame or hanging photo cube, but open the doors and you’ll discover a cleverly concealed changing caddy with plenty of room for a stash of diapers, diaper cream and more. There’s even a hidden opening that dispenses wipes, so you can grab a few in the midst of changing without missing a beat. And that means no chance of a stubbed toe.

    In a Nutshell: A discreet diaper caddy that fits into your home decor. Add a photo of a proudly smiling mama, and the look will be complete.



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