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    Don’t be freaked out by the title of this post. I realize I wrote about Halloween last time, and now it seems as if we’ve already fast-forwarded to November (heaven forbid!). Instead, we’re paying tribute to a quality with year-round appeal, one that never goes out of style, and that’s good manners. It’s a skill that (hopefully) our parents cultivate and that we continue to refine through adulthood (haven’t you appreciated when someone holds the door for you, or when another driver lets you out in front of him?). In our house, we’re “big” on saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you,’ but generosity goes beyond those simple gestures. And that’s something wholeheartedly embraced by Recess Music‘s latest CD, Gratitude Attitude. Chock-full of a variety of musical styles, each little number celebrates the purpose of showing one’s appreciation, even for the little things. From the simple sincerity behind “I’m Glad You’re Here,” to the straightforward “Only Take What You Need,” the message behind these musical compilations is to not take for granted what you’re given, be it big (a healthy family) or small (the person who let you go ahead on the express check-out line). “In My Family’s House” became my 5-year-old’s personal favorite (I hear her humming the repetitive verse while she’s playing), while “The Table Manners Polka” couldn’t help but make me chuckle. No matter which song turns into your child’s mantra, we’re sure you won’t mind her playing this CD over and over…as long as she asks you nicely.

    In a Nutshell: Good manners are all the rage. Gratitude Attitude  recognizes the power of politeness–and has a blast while doing it.

    Gratitude Attitude c#771D1B


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