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    It wouldn’t be summer for my family without having a lemonade stand. My 9-year-old prides herself on being an entrepreneur. Or maybe it’s justĀ  that she likes being showered with attention from all our kindhearted neighbors. Whatever the motive, this past weekend was sunny and hot–an ideal setting for a setting up shop. With her 5-year-old sister on hand as a helper, my daughter laid out the provisions and in no time at all, was ready for business. And what an operation it was! Not only did they rake in some staggering profits (in the upwards of $15!), but the addition of some lemon Oreo cookies complemented the refreshing beverage of choice. They were so excited by their job well-done, they are already thinking about next year’s stand and how they could make a good thing even better. Because it’s oftentimes the parents who are backing up their cars and jumping out to sample a cup, maybe the ticket is to appeal to a more sophisticated consumer…with a beverage normally reserved for coffee shops and outdoor cafes. International Delight Iced Coffee is an ideal choice to add to the menu. Not only does it hit the spot on a hot day, but it’s a refreshing alternative to the same-old iced tea you’ve been chugging all summer long. We like the fact that this drink can be added seamlessly to your kid’s stand, thanks to a cool downloadable Lemonade Stand Tool Kit that includes signs you can print out, selling tips and even a drink calculator to help you figure out how much to stock up on.

    Walnut Special: To give you even more incentive to open up an iced coffee/lemonade stand this summer , The Talking Walnut will award one winner three coupons good for International Delight Iced Coffee. The winner will be randomly selected; just add a comment to this post and we’ll select a lucky recipient. This contest will close on Sunday, August 11 at 5 pm EST. Good luck, and here’s to a successful stand!



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