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    It’s been a few days since the VMA awards, and everyone is still buzzing about Miley Cyrus’ absurd appearance. Parenting groups are outraged not only by her get-up, but her less-than-innocent actions on stage. (Personally, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at my teddy bear the same way.) All kidding aside, like any parent, Miley just makes my job as mom a little more difficult, as I try to explain to my impressionable 9-year-old why it’s not cool to act and dress a certain way strictly for attention. For those parents looking to hang onto their child’s innocence just a tad bit longer, there’s a new fashion doll line that seeks to let girls act out their fantasy lives through play. Fairy Tale High is made up of eight favorite characters in a teenage version of their adult selves (imagine The Little Mermaid, even younger!). What we like is the backdrop in which their lives take place: a performing arts high school (a la Fame) that lets them flex their creative muscles, from the singing Tinker Bell to hair-styling Rapunzel. For girls looking bolster their play experience, there’s a complementary collection of webisodes and eBooks. Plenty of play value, minus the drama. We suggest you take a cue, Ms. Cyrus.

    In a Nutshell: Move over, Monster High; there’s a new school edging out your turf. Fairy Tale High dolls let princess-loving girls graduate to the next level of make-believe.


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    2 Responses to “fantasy fame: fairy tale high”
    1. Nicole

      Wow. Are you kidding? Innocence? Please don’t tell me you believe that THIS is how teenage girls should dress? I’m pretty sure Miley would fit right in at this high school. Lots of misdirected talent, and taught from a young age that we, as women, must fit this certain mold—-platform heels and tiny skirts and bare midriffs!! I shall assume they teach Twerking 101 at Fairy Tale High. This is VERY similar to Ever After High, and they are dressed surprisingly similar. I guess I need to get with the times and start handing out thigh-high boots and miniskirts to the high school kids!!!

    2. isis

      I personally believe Mattel still has the doll scene wrapped around their pinkie finger, their the ones that started the whole monster doll thing with monster high and their the one who started the whole princess thing with ever after high, there is no way anything is going to be better then Mattel’s dolls.

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