• big kid table-ready: svan totseat

    When my 4-year-old was a toddler, finding a spot for her at the table sometimes posed a challenge. If we were barbequing on the deck, we alternated between a plastic booster that proved too wobbly and a fold-up seat that never seemed to open wide enough for her comfort. Now, if we’d been able to get our hands on the brand-new Svan Totseat, letting her sit with the rest of the family would have been a no-brainer. What makes this soft seat different from standard boosters is the extra fabric that can stretch over high-back seats. The fact that it folds flat so you can stash it in your diaper bag or purse makes it even more practical. Designed for ages 8-30 months, the Svan Totseat comes in six stylish, machine-washable patterns.

    In a Nutshell: A sweet seat that makes searching high and lo for a suitable high chair a thing of the past.

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