• sing to your veggies: story laurie & friends groovin’ in the garden

    I don’t know where I’d be without our public library these last few weeks. Given the unsettled weather as of late, we’ve been more book-bound than beach-bound, and that means taking advantage of the wealth of children’s programs. Today’s class was an unexpected treasure, as my girls were treated to a lively performance by a children’s musician I’d not yet stumbled upon. The aptly named Story Laurie was a sight for sore eyes…or perhaps it was the other way around? As she emerged from her tent and feigned surprise to her audience, we got our first taste of this silly, yet playful songwriter. What we liked best about Laurie is her down-to-earth way she relates to her young audience. Rather than just launching into song as some kids’ artists do, she takes advantage of the intimate performance venues by asking questions, sharing a tidbit or two from her own life story and then tying it all into her music. The result is engaging, thoughtful entertainment that clearly comes from the heart. And judging from the expressions on the other parents’ faces in the audience, they too got caught up in Laurie’s infectious energy. Favorite numbers taken from the Groovin’ in the Garden CD included “Wonderful Wiggly Worms” and “Homegrown Tomatoes.” Laurie brought along her own props, including worms that traveled all the way from her compost pile back home in the Hudson Valley, and seed packets that doubled as take-home gifts for each family in the audience. Don’t worry, Laurie; the memory of your music will linger long after those seeds have sprouted.

    In a Nutshell: One part storyteller, one part songstress equals all-around great listening. This is one kid performer that rocks.

    Story Laurie CD

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