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    My 9-year-old isn’t big on breakfast these days. As much as I’d like her to consume more than just a glass of OJ, she refuses to eat anything (unless, of course, we happen to whip up a hot meal of pancakes and bacon. Sorry, kid; that’s what weekends are for). Well, as luck would have it, she is now a changed young woman, thanks to a personal chef and a special delivery. It all started back in May when we decided to throw a “Chopped”-style birthday party for our resident foodie (even if breakfast isn’t her thing, she is an otherwise well-rounded eater who adores the famed reality cooking show). When the chef proposed a smoothie round, my daughter was a bit skeptical–and so was I. After he managed to assure her that Greek yogurt wasn’t like other dairy, we added it to the menu. And when her guests oohed and ah-ed over their banana and pineapple concoctions–complete with said yogurt–I knew we were on to something. Fast forward to summertime when we were recently given a chance to review Chobani Champions Tubes. Suddenly, breakfast was no longer a battle, as my willing participant was ready to go Greek yet again. The verdict?  A creamy, rich texture that goes down smooth. And the convenience of the tube means that she can take them with her or eat them at home in less time than it takes to polish off a cup of yogurt. Available in fun flavors like Chillin’ Cherry, Rockin’ Blueberry and Jammin’ Strawberry, Chobani Champions Tubes are a great source of protein and a good way to start the day off right. We can’t wait to try the brand-new Flyin’ Dragon Fruit next!

    In a Nutshell: Finicky little eaters have finally found a food with grown-up appeal that works for breakfast, lunch or a healthy snack. Perfect for lunchboxes for camp or school.

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    1. A Chopped themed birthday party sounds AWESOME. We’re thrilled to hear that your little lady has found a breakfast option that can please her palate. And the fact that you can take those Tubes on-the-go just makes it a win/win situation.

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