• taming summer tresses: circle of friends swimmers’ shampoo

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    As the school year begins to wind down, we’re slowly getting into summer mode. I’ve stocked up on sunscreen, filled out the camp paperwork and have already tried out my new beach radio that I got for Mother’s Day (it suits me perfectly…). Because my 9-year-old will be spending plenty of time in the swimming pool, I know her hair will be taking a beating. So when we got our hands on Swimmers’ Shampoo from Circle of Friends, I knew it would be another good match. This clarifying shampoo is designed to remove chlorine and product build-up, and is especially gentle on young tresses. One whiff of this shampoo, and you’ll wonder exactly where this pleasant scent originates from. Made with banana, kiwi, guava and aloe leaf extracts, it will leave your kid’s head smelling sweetly. And to protect those luscious locks before hitting the pool, try the Pre-Swim Conditioner. One spray of this stuff, and she’ll be ready for that high dive and more.

    In a Nutshell: Get your family all set for summer with this new line of kid-friendly hair care products that keeps them looking their best.

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