• take a seat, save on space: mimish designs storage beanbag

    Trying to get my 9-year-old to keep her just-cleaned room is neat is nothing short of a miracle. She usually “picks up” her room over the weekend (and I use that term loosely, mind you) and we’re lucky if we make it to Tuesday before it looks like a mini storm has made landfall exclusive to her four corners of the world. While I know as a parent I’m supposed to pick my battles, but truthfully I don’t think I can handle this for the next 10 years or so. Because I’ve always been a huge fan of kids’ products that do double duty, much like a multitasking mom, I was over the moon when my eyes landed on Mimish Designs’ Storage Beanbag. This comfy seat offers a place to read a book, listen to some tunes or just chill , while cleverly containing (and concealing) any kid contents. Simply unzip and open to reveal the interior. It’s roomy enough to hold up to 5,650 cubic inches worth of stuff, while not taking up too much precious space (the beanbag measures in at 30 inches in diameter and 17 inches in height). That means less mess and more time to sit back and relax…or better yet, keep that room in tip-top shape. (Yeah, Sweet Daughter: this means you.) The Storage Beanbag comes in 14 different colors, and is available in organic cotton, pure cotton and micro suede, and will begin shipping in June.

    In a Nutshell: Sit down and clean up! Or vice versa. Take a load off the floor–and your mind–with a space-saving seat that looks great in any kids’ room, play room or dorm room.



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