• If my 3rd grader attaches another object to her backpack, I swear she’s going to keel over. She makes a personal statement while bringing her belongings to school, simply by switching out what’s dangling off the zippers: a flipflop keychain, a translucent dolphin, a Beanie Boo…you name it. Attachable collectibles is definitely trending with tweens, and that’s why I knew when I got my hands on the Radz Gone Wild line, it would be a big hit. These aren’t your everyday collectibles, mind you; Radz offer a sweet surprise, doubling as a candy dispenser that comes with a Radz Plus code for access to free gaming apps. Making up the new line are four animal friends, each with a distinct persona: Scratch the Tiger, Bandit the Zebra, Spanky the Monkey and Squeak the Penguin. With a simple twist, their tops come off so you can load in the fruit-flavored, bite-sized candies. Then, much to my 4-year-old’s delight, just pull back the lever on the back of the animal’s head and he sticks out his tongue to deliver a piece of candy! Even when snacking is done, there’s more fun to be had. Special access codes to RadzWorld let kids play interactive games and make art online. Plus, Radz refill packs include a small toy along with extra candy. And even when the candy has run out, kids will love toting these attachable friends as they head off to school, camp, or anywhere they bring their backpack. Lucky for us, Radz collectibles are just light enough!

    In a Nutshell: Backpack-ready: These collectible candy containers are raring to go!

    Radz Gone Wild_LR

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