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    Next week, my older daughter will turn 9. When she was born, I was only able to hold her for a brief moment before she was whisked down the hall to the nursery (apparently, her temperature was down and she needed to warm up). Somehow, I felt like I was cheated out of those tender first bonding moments between mother and child. Because I have a few mom friends with newborns who also have older kids, I’ve been hearing about their guilt over not spending time with their own babies. “How can I enjoy my little one when I am busy reading stories/checking homework/making dinner?” For moms like these comes a new baby product unlike any other we’ve seen: the NuRoo Pocket. Upon first glance, it looks like an ordinary wrap-style shirt with a baby discreetly tucked inside. But it’s more than that. Unlike traditional slings and front baby carriers, the NuRoo Pocket isn’t an accessory item. Instead, you wear this product, keeping your baby as close to your skin as possible. And for the harried new mom who’s craving that together time, this product can turn that wishful thinking into real life. We took a closer look at the NuRoo Pocket and watched a straightforward demo that takes the guesswork out of how to get started. (What sleep-deprived parent won’t appreciate that?) Your baby will be able to nestle inside an inner no-slip pocket that is secured once you fasten the pocket closed; there are no ties or straps to contend with (a big plus). The support belt that goes around your lower abdomen provides extra security, not to mention peace of mind. And once you’re ready to take your baby out, there’s no need to remove the NuRoo Pocket — just gently reach in and lift out your baby, supporting her head, of course. Of course, we expect you’ll miss that closeness before long…

    In a Nutshell: Make like a mamma kangaroo and keep your baby right where she belongs with this practical pouch.

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