• wash me: down at the dino wash deluxe

    My car is in desperate need of a wash. After too many months of wet weather, muddy feet and the like, this mom taxi has taken quite a beating. Of course, the line at our local car wash has been five miles long lately. If only my imagination could transport to the pages of the latest picture book to cross my desk. Down at the Dino Wash Deluxe is the place to be, especially if you happen to live with anyone who knows his T-Tex from a triceratops. It’s also the center of a make-believe business where these prehistoric creatures come to have their regular scrub-down (where else can these guys fit when a bath tub is out of the question?). If I ever thought the job of keeping two kids clean was hard enough, this book makes me appreciate the fact that I don’t have to clean all those spikes and knobs on an Ankylosaurus; now that’s exhausting! Regardless of whether or not your kid has a love affair with these monstrous creatures, this story will certainly make them a little less scary. A T-Rex who’s afraid to get shampoo in his eyes? Who knew!…

    In a Nutshell: How do you keep a dinosaur dirt-free? This silly story turns a car wash into a creative clean-up spot that’s dino-mite.

    Down at the Dino Wash



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