• songs with sustenance: milkshake got a minute?

    Musicians come and go, especially in the temperamental kid biz, but when a band has been around the block, we can effortlessly turn on their tunes and know we won’t be disappointed. One such kid rock band with staying power is Milkshake and the band’s latest concoction, Got a Minute?, is worth more than a listen. Like most seasoned musicians, Milkshake’s sound has matured over the years, but this release reflects a well-rounded sound to suit a myriad of different tastes. From the jammin’ “We Just Wanna Have Fun,” to the more mellow “Starry, Starry Night,” the band exudes a self- assurance that allows them to bounce back and forth between pop rock, to country, without missing a beat. With more than 30 tracks on this comprehensive CD, Milkshake covers a lot of musical ground and rightfully owns up to its eclectic style. On a recent day spent towing kids around on various errands, spot-on songs like “Look Out Window” punched up some otherwise mundane chores. “Rainy Day Dance Party” may just be on our play list this spring when inclement weather keeps us indoors. Giving us plenty of food for thought, Milkshake is a listening treat worth indulging in.

    In a Nutshell: Drink in the sound of rockin’ kid band that just won’t quit. Milkshake’s fifth CD takes the cake!

    Got a Minute cover art 300 dpi



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