• hidden treasure: roseart surprise inside sidewalk chalk

    My kids have a serious case of cabin fever. After a lousy winter and a slow start to spring, they’ll take any partly sunny day above 40 degrees to play outside. Case in point: my 4-year-old blowing bubbles last week, while wearing her heavy coat, gloves and a hat. As I write this post, snow flurries are swirling around and there’s no foreseeable end to this extended winter. Well, even if the calendar and the weather can’t agree, we’re still thinking spring and keeping an eye out for outdoor toys  sure to herald signs of warmer weather ahead. Our latest find is the coolest sidewalk chalk of the season: RoseArt’s Surprise Inside Sidewalk Chalk. Think of it as the chalk that keeps on giving, long after your resident artists’ renderings have faded away. We got our hands on a package and my girls got to work. Each set contains seven colored pieces (plenty for a small group of friends or siblings) in a different theme: a skull, sun, flower or starfish (guaranteed to please even the most tortured artists). As the chalk gets used up, the lucky kid who grabbed the center piece of chalk will be treated to a special treat: one of 20 collectible figurines. For all of our Passover peeps, think of it as a new take on a game of hiding the matzah. And for those looking for some fun Easter basket stuffers, Surprise Inside Sidewalk Chalk is bunny-approved.

    In a Nutshell: Keep your eyes on the prize with a new kind of sidewalk chalk with an added element of fun.



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