• dream big!: oh so tiny bunny

    What kid doesn’t doesn’t long to be big? When I was little, I envied my older sister who got to stay out late and wear Bonne Bell Lipsmackers (lips that smelled like 7-up…alright!). I remembered my dad telling me not to rush my life away, and thought he was a bit mad (today I can only look back and smile at my naivete and his sage advice). As my own daughters try to push the envelope–the older one begging for her own iPod and the younger one crying over the fact that I won’t let her wear one of those stick-on tattoos–I refuse their demands with my own version of “’cause I said so,” while I smile knowingly at their inherent need to spread their wings. For now, we can still settle down with a good book that understands that familiar tug of a child wishing to be all grown-up. Oh So Tiny Bunny is just that book, and its timeless message resonates with readers big and small. Author David Kirk, best known for his Miss Spider line of children’s books, brings a sense of whimsy to his creatures, and this bunny is no exception. With each page, we see Oh So testing his boundaries, as he steps out into the great unknown with his sense of adventure to guide him. Sure, a world of carrots as big as railroad cars and lettuce fields as wide as oceans sound delightful theoretically…but when he soon realized that life on a grand scale isn’t always so…grand, our hero happily returns to the life that had more meaning than he realized. In a world of grande lattes and super-sized meals, we sometimes forget that bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. A delightful springtime read, Oh So Tiny Bunny ends with a telltale message for your favorite little bunnies.

    In a Nutshell: Who says size matters? This charming story salutes the child who yearns to be all grown-up, but who still has a lot of dreaming left to do.


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