• creative confectionery: hasbro play-doh plus

    Yesterday, my 8-year-old pulled out her Easy Bake Oven and decided to whip up a batch of mini marshmallow treats taken from a recipe she had downloaded from her Nintendo DS (this is one multitasking kid). While I permit her to use her Easy Bake on her own, her little sister doesn’t have it so “easy.” The 4-year-old isn’t ready yet to handle independent baking, outside of some measuring and pouring of ingredients (even that’s done under Mom’s watchful eye). But she does enjoy making pretend food and playing in her make-believe kitchen, so who am I to discourage her budding culinary skills? And because my preschooler loves crafts just as much as the next kid (if not more), we were psyched to combine two of her passions: “cooking” with Play-Doh. A perfectionist even at playtime, she tears up pictures when they don’t measure up to her “standards;” you can only imagine how hot it gets in the kitchen when her pretend cookies have the “wrong” number of sprinkles! Well, I may not be able to keep her from melting down over such imperfections, but I can set her up with the coolest cooking compound to hit the shelves this season. Play-Doh Plus offers a lighter, more fluffy texture to kids’ creations, lending itself wonderfully to make-believe cookies, cakes and pies. Because it’s so light to the touch, little fingers will be able to add the perfect-sized dollop to their tasty treats just like a pastry chef might. Don’t worry, though; Play-Doh Plus still has that signature scent that takes me back to my own pre-mommy days of crafting and cooking, when a batch of cookies never burned and all that mattered was having an active imagination. A perfect Easter basket stuffer, Play-Doh Plus adds a little spice to a sweet time.

    In a Nutshell: Lighter than air, Play-Doh Plus is the piece de resistance of the play sculpting line.

    PLAY-DOH PLUS Variety Pack (2)



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