surf and ye shall find: bespoke custom gifts

So, what do you do when a blizzard bares down over the weekend and you’re stuck indoors? Shop online, of course. But not just for any old thing; you’ve got to make that precious time on the Web count for something (especially if we lose power again–bite my tongue!) If you happen to be looking for that special gift , be it for Valentine’s Day, a friend’s new baby or maybe something that points to signs of spring (wishful thinking), we’ve stumbled upon the coolest site teeming with unique selections. Bespoke Custom Gifts is all about presents with personality. From monogrammed kids’ sneakers, to a storybook-inspired birdhouse, each item is as different as the person you’re sending it to. Not only is this site ideal for one-stop shopping, but there’s an online personal shopper if you’re torn between an item or not sure how to personalize it. We can’t decide what we like more: the vintage book birdhouse (featuring a number of classic stories like Winnie the Pooh and The Wizard of Oz) or the baby map quilt (depicting a child’s home town and embroidered with a baby’s name). One thing’s for sure: they’ll make memorable gifts. And you’ll have felt productive on a snow day.

In a Nutshell: All gift-giving should be so easy. We’ve found our new favorite site for presents with panache.




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  1. So happy you came across our site and liked it so much!! We’re small and new so we really appreciate your positive feedback and thanks so much for spreading the word!

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