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    These days, it’s difficult to associate the word “web” with anything other than the Internet. But back in the day, if you were a boy, the mere mention of that word led to thoughts of creepy, crawling things and, of course, Spider-Man. Having just returned from Toy Fair, we are happy to report that the comic book hero is still alive and well, and maintaining his presence on toy store shelves. In fact, come this summer, we think boys everywhere will be clamoring for the latest Spidey incarnation: Uncle Milton’s Spider-Man Web Creator Lab. Part of the Marvel Science brand, this play set will help kids fashion their own webs that can be sticky or stretchy. (Arachnophobics need not apply.) Since the next Spider-Man movie won’t be out for another year, this play lab will help kids get their Spidey fix. Other sets in the Marvel Science line include Iron Man’s Arc Reactor Lab and another starring the Incredible Hulk who breaks out of his vault and grows when placed in water. And you thought bath time at your house was a bit dramatic…

    In a Nutshell: Superheroes and science go hand in hand with this new line of Marvel Comics-inspired playsets. The entire collection will be available this August.

    Uncle Milton - Marvel Science - Spider-Man Web Creator Lab





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