• next-gen potty-training: pull-ups big kid app

    As a kid, my potty seat was as low tech as it gets: a wooden seat with a smiling bunny on the back and a pull-out plastic pot for easy clean-up. Exciting, eh? Innovation in the toilet-training area continues to make leaps and bounds that I can hardly keep up with, like the potty seat that works with your iPad. What could possibly be next? Well, if you’re pulling your hair out over your training-resistant toddler, consider yet another electronic gadget your partner in crime on the war against wet bums. Huggies has created the Pull-ups Big Kid App, a free, downloadable app that celebrates those moments when peeing and pooping are your child’s greatest achievement (don’t laugh; you know how god-awful frustrating it can be!). When plain, old reward stickers just aren’t getting the job done and you’d resort to practically anything to get your kid to use the toilet, then this tool may be a godsend for you. As your child uses the bathroom more frequently, he can collect stars that give him access to fun games featuring his favorite Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Rapunzel. And when your little one really need some motivation, there’s a special feature that enables surprise phone calls from Disney friends to encourage them to keep trying. (Whoever knew a little mouse had such a big influence?)  This app even includes themed photo frames, so you can capture the moment and share the good news with Dad while he’s at the office. Hmmmm…maybe now you won’t mind as much when your toddler is begging to play with your iPhone…

    In as Nutshell: Your smartphone just got a whole lot smarter. This potty-training app aims to help kids “take aim” and ditch those diapers once and for all.

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