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    My 8-year-old’s school has reduced its recess from two periods to one–and believe me when I say how much this bums her–and me–out. After sitting in class through math, reading, science and all those other learning-intensive subjects, she is more than ready for a break. Too bad it’s so short; she tells me that sometimes it feels like they have just bundled up and headed outdoors…only to be told to “line up” again and head back into the classroom. I’m sure that’s why SteveSongs can relate to this childhood woe in “Recess Rocks,” the first track off his new CD, Orangutan Van. No stranger to the kids’ music scene (this marks his 8th CD of the guy who’s alter ego Mr. Steve is a mainstay on PBS Kids), Steve acknowledges these profound kiddie moments that let listeners feel comforted in that “yeah, he gets me” kind of way. The cheeky ” ‘A’ is for Silly” will have the most astute pleased as punch for their keen listening ears, while “Flat Stanley” plays homage to the everyday elementary hero. As my daughter’s school gears up for its annual literacy program, the “Soaring with Reading” track takes on even greater significance. A winning release, Orangutan Van proves that with age comes great wisdom, and so SteveSongs can rest assured that yes, he definitely “gets us.”

    In a Nutshell: Tons of fun, this latest release from SteveSongs continues to delight with catchy tunes that resonate with young listeners.

    Orangutan Van cover art 72dpi


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