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    When I want my hot tea, I want it fast. As in “5 minutes ago…but (insert big sigh) now will do.” But when you’re talking about your baby in need of her bottle, that’s 5 minutes you just don’t have. And if you happen to be in transit with a little one during feeding time? Well, you get the idea. Getting moms and dads out of tough situations like these is an ingenious new baby bottle that puts basic models to shame. The Mixie is a self-contained, formula-mixing bottle that is waiting at the ready for the hungry child. By taking the convenience of a snap-on formula container one step further, it holds the formula compartment at the base of the bottle. Unscrew it from the bottom, fill it with your powdered formula of choice and snap it back on, with a final twist to keep it in place. Add the proper amount of water and you’re ready to head out. And just when you start to hear those familiar hunger cries, just push the button on the Mixie’s bottom to release the formula, watch the top pop off (inside the bottle, no less) and shake until your desired consistency. That’s it. No fuss, no muss. No fumbling with lids that won’t unsnap properly. No mishaps with spilled powder. Had this bottle been around when my girls were small, I definitely would have been a more sane traveler. Even without my hot tea.

    In a Nutshell: Truly the traveling parent’s best friend, the Mixie will get your baby fed faster than you can say “grande latte.” Brilliant.

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